3 Pack Fun Display Case


Color for the Left, Right, and Back of the case

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Show off your collectibles in style with some “pop”! These cases are laser engraved and cut using 1/8″ thick acrylic and fit a 3 pack in it’s box. Shipped fully assembled with a removable top.

Choose from clear or colored acrylic on the Left, Right, and Back. The Front, Top, and Bottom will always be done on clear acrylic. Color panels will NOT be mixed on a single case. For example, you can not choose to have the sides done on blue and the back done on red. The Left, Right, and Back will ALL be whatever color you choose.

This case will also hold 2 standard sized pops in their plastic inserts or in their original boxes as shown in the pictures.

Should any issues occur when using the image upload button, simply email the images you’d like us to use at sales@lizardlaserdesigns.com after you place your order.


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