Fun Custom Display Case – Box Replica


Add an LED light base?

Multi color LED base of our own design that shows off this style of case in a whole new way! Comes with remote.


Add-ons total:




Show off your collectibles in style with some “pop”!

Laser engraved and cut using 1/8″ thick acrylic and fits a standard sized pop in it’s box.

Shipped fully assembled with a removable top.

You choose the image on the back, the rest will be similar to the box design including only the elements shown in the picture. We will not include  the pop line, number, name, or any other extras.

These cases look great with one of the led bases that we’ve designed for them, the base is available as an add on for only $15.00.

Once you have made your purchase, send an email to with the picture you have in mind and we’ll work out the details from there.

These can also be made with images of your choice all around instead of being a close replica of the box.


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